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The Abacus version of the Matrix

A couple of years ago we created a weird app, “the Abacus version of the Matrix” to be exact. It was very well tested in the field, and it came out with flying colors. However, since it was kind of crazy, we had to do a lot of explaining. This book is a summary of those experiences.

These days we have diverted our attention to IoT projects, but we still work on that project from time to time. Right now, we are trying to turn the book and the app into a feature film. If you like the idea, please make a loud noise.

"Not every app gets its book. Software applications either live a life of their own or they come out as cheap memorabilia accompanying commercially successful products aiming to increase their longevity. This book, and the application it was based upon stray away from that path and instead, portray the moving story of its creator as he visits Heaven, Hell and all the places in between. Brutally honest pages often move along the farther edges of sanity, shamelessly expose inner lives, and question our demeanor. They try to provoke us into doing something … something we can no longer remember… something that is quite alien to us.

As it is always the case with original works of art, this book doesn’t look like the ones that came before it and it will never look like the ones inspired by it. It will remain in the distance, cold and unforgiving. It will be a Rosetta stone for some, but it will remain as complete gibberish for the most.

The main premise of the story may not be obvious after a first reading. Because while the author elaborates on every nook and cranny of alternate realities page after page, he only discreetly makes his point. He doesn’t explicitly express it, because he, like Richard Wagner, knows that deep and hidden meaning of our lives cannot be accessed through a literal expression of life. The secret knowledge must be dispersed over time as clues in critical experiences. They must be hidden from praying eyes, so that only those who truly experience the journey, those who are worthy… may gaze upon it, “that all of future art will be a combination of arts in the hands of the common folk, an opera performed by people with ugly voices”.

These stories will be quite unlike the stories that came before them, those written by crafty authors and illustrated by talented artists. Even further, they will be different from what they entail.

While these stories will look ordinary, their effects on people’s lives will be profound, meaningful, above all useful. They will be written in real-time by people as they lived their lives. The story (or the fiction) will not be separated from life (or the non-fiction). Whatever an actor does in a story will manifest in the physical world. While people dream, they will play. While they play, they will make dreams a reality. In doing so, they will change their world for better or for worse. And that will the new medium for all art… Gesamtkunstwerk." - Judit Diós

Anyway, since you are our kind of people, we wanted to give back to the community. So, here’s a free copy for you (PDF, 16.7 MB):

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