A Lesson in Social Hacking

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Most software companies focus on a certain field and try to get better in time. We are different. We are domain independent, method focused and guided by the people. We believe that software applications can only be as good as the people who took an interest in them.

That's why we have Mikideans. Mikideans are role models who make a difference by using our apps. They are our eyes and ears in remote communities. They guide us for developing better products. They come from all over the world. Svetlana, for example, is a Russian who took an interest in the Possible Futures app which instantaneously creates a community that shares your interests. A community that helps each other... A community that thrives on gift economy... A community that can be created upon will, regardless of where you are or what you have in mind...

Imagine, when you need help, you will always get it. When others need help, they will always get it because you will be there. As they say, you can know what's best for you, only if you know what's best for others.

If you give people tools they can use to hack their social circumstances, instinctively they will use them for their own benefit. When whole communities are given that chance on the other hand, they create a better future for all. As Plato pointed out in his seventh letter to Darius, "we get closer to the truth only when we are together".

Possible Futures is an app you can use to create your utopia. Since it is generic, it can be customized to fit to any kind of community. While there are several business oriented variants, we prefer to introduce the concept using PF for travelers which we internally refer to as "PF for Fun" ;o)

When using PF for travelers, Mikideans choose one of the 12 personae that complies with their current goals and then, either ask for help or help someone out. They become a part of a community that knows what's best for them when it comes to relaxation and recreation. So, if you are ready for an adventure, pick a persona and learn what the future holds for you.

Possible Futures will be available for download in October, 2020.

Role Model for Possible Futures for Travelers is Svetlana Stanislavova.

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