If your future doesn't exist, create it. Be an example for the others. Be wise. Be brave.

—  "Live long and prosper".


We think projects are long term relationships that take care of all parties as well as their communities. 


We think training is a means for exposing hidden talents and a medium where new ones are created and perfected.


We think tools are guides that show us the right path even if we don't know where to go or what to do.


We think partnerships are processes helping people maintain their ecosystems while uncovering new horizons.

Meet The Team


Chief Quality Officer

"Analyst's Best Friend"

Computer Scientist turned Writer turned Entrepreneur (ENTJ, INTJ)


Chief Information Officer

"Developer's Best Friend"

A quality enthusiast who effortlessly brings out the best in people (ENFJ)


Chief Finance Officer

"Partner's Best Friend"

A wizard with numbers who creates business models as easily as she goes to lunch (ESTP)


Chief Operations Officer

"Customer's Best Friend"

A jack of all trades asked for by his name, "Fix It Cemil!" (ISTP)

Product Development

Company was too late to join the game. There were already a few established players. So, we turned what seemed like the focus of the project into a crucial, yet somewhat less important feature and created a product concept not only exposed a better product, but also a greater vision for the firm as well. We transformed a Document Management application into Process Improvement application which also managed any kind of document.

Process Improvement

Company was too rigid and did not have processes fudgeable enough so that employees can maneuver to accommodate the current challenges. So, we used a non-threatening approach and used metaphors. We modeled the existent processes by using the characters of The Lord of the Rings. We created a feedback loop where anyone could express his/her thoughts anonymously. As a result, we managed to introduce the ideas and concepts which could not be spoken of previously. Also, we ran a pilot project in the process and formed the first group of change agents along with the software engineering artifacts that could be used as customizable models.

Organization Re-engineering

Company was too focused on the money and neglected its IT department assuming it was just another cost center while its future depended on it. So, we conducted horizontal and vertical surveys which enabled us to sketch the real business model and exposed improvement points. This also enabled us to create a quality movement in each and every department. That not only broke the barriers between sales, marketing, engineering, and IT departments, but also it brought in the most innovative customers and the upper management with the much needed leadership skills. In the end, what was once a technical support department became a crucial part of the general manager's war chest.


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