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"School's Out!" Begins

Here in Miki headquarters, we just love to be in a state of constant flux where a new day always means a new adventure. These adventures are often software projects and sometimes books or training programs. School's Out is different in that regard. It's a mixture of all those things, but above all it's an alternate community... and this has led us to a new brand, "Anoan".

Anoan has 7 components:

  • Training = "A three-step training program".

    • MIICS is about solving problems. It generates Sherlock Holmes clones.

    • MIICS Max is about creating apps. It generates Dr. Watson clones.

    • MIICS Miki is about maintaining communities. It generates Jonas Kahnwald clones.

  • Books = "How-To books on mobile app development".

  • Apps = "Royalty free, customizable mobile apps".

  • Network = "An exclusive business network powered by an invite-only mobile app".

  • Mentors = "Direct link to your mentors".

  • Professionals = "Your pro team on the side".

  • Community = "Constantly evolving communities powered by our graduates".

As you might have guessed, here "community" means "School's Out!"

Each of these components has its own brand and business model which complements the others to form a big picture where "enthusiasts come in and change agents go out".

  • MIICS = Training.

  • Apps for Troublemakers = Books.

  • A4t(s) = Apps.

  • Possible Futures = Network.

  • Uusta = Mentors.

  • Uili = Professionals.

  • School's Out = Community.

So, what are we up to these days? We are starting the first chapter in the "School's Out" story with "MIICS". Here's the plot for the whole story:

  1. 8 enthusiasts come in. 4 Sherlock Holmes clones graduate (MIICS 1).

  2. 4 Sherlock Holmes clones come in. 2 Dr. Watson clones graduate (MIICS 2).

  3. 2 Dr. Watson clones come in. 2 Jonas Kahnwald clones graduate (MIICS 3).

  4. All 8 graduates get training materials, books and apps appropriate to their levels.

  5. All 8 graduates become a part of that "School's Out" community.

  6. All 8 graduates become a part of the exclusise business network, "Possible Futures".

  7. All 8 graduates have a direct link to their mentor via "Uusta".

  8. All 8 graduates have a pro team on the side in case they need it via "Uili".

A "School's Out!" community also has external components which are always parts of a certain district.

  • Municipality.

  • Incubator.

  • Media.

In this first chapter we will be working in "Atasehir" district (Istanbul, Türkiye) with...

We will be giving our lectures at Inovata (Atasehir, Istanbul, Türkiye). So, if you are curious about getting into the next batch of School's Out, drop by and have a tea with us.

Until then, take a look at our brochure and if you have any questions just let us know

"Click picture to view the MIICS brochure"

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