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Miki Day 2020

Well, we were planning to do the same old same old and then, the pandemic hit! Not afraid of the challenge, we tried to make sure to have the most hygienic seminar environment money can buy, but "resistance was futile" ;o)

So, we decided to do something we have been talking about for a long time, a parody about the pain and suffering computer scientists face each and every day. Our entire catalog of services and products were born that way after all. Enough with the introduction... And, without further ado, here's the first "Miki Day" video. This time it's in Turkish, but we're working on the English subtitles. Enjoy!

If you enjoy the video, please make sure to download and install Wix Mobile by using the following promo code: "NOFXIA". Upon registration, you will become a member of the Miki's elite social network and gain access to all kinds of gifts and business opportunities.

Coming Soon

Episode 2 - The Battle of Giants

The showdown between Prof. Dr. Miki and So Called Prof. Dr. Miki AKA "Who's the man?"

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