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Onward to Battle

Isn't it time for small businesses to disrupt big businesses which are firms operating online more than ever these days? We're not talking about a couple of whiz kids from famous universities here. We're talking about the businesses we are accustomed to in our daily lives. Businesses we love... Do they have to be pawns in an aggregator's universe? Do they have to go out of business?

While big businesses offer variety and dependability, small businesses can still offer unique pleasures and top-notch service quality. More importantly, they can offer what we need most: human touch!

MikiMoka doesn't only help people to realize their dreams. It also helps small businesses to flourish. We take care of people with great ideas and limited resources, so that you don't end up in someone else's dream world which might be your nightmare. I mean, who wants to live inside a shopping mall? We want to live to our fullest potential and when we need something, we want to get it from a person who really cares. Who cares less about what's in his pocket than he cares about his customers, his community and the future of the ecosystem we are all dependent on. That's why we must care about him first, so that he can exist! Let's give the small businesses a fighting chance for a change!

MikiMoka = "All Kinds of People + All Small Businesses

If good people stick together, we'll be living in a better world. Don't look up to the political figures or the inventors of tomorrow. This is your responsibility! Of course the Spotted Owl needs help, but so does homo sapiens. Forget about all borders... borders of your companies, your communities and your countries. Think about this as people helping people on a global scale. Do we really need the Internet of Things? Why not build an Internet of Beings first?

What's at stake is losing our humanity while building a technologically advanced race

When we open our eyes for the first time, we fall into a world. When we lose ourselves that world becomes ours. As we develop relationships with good people and fix one problem at a time, we'll be building a better civilization. A civilization which maybe the one extraterrestrials are searching for. A beacon of light in the darkness... a symbol of wisdom and goodness.

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