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The First Matrix

The wait is over! One and a half years in the making, MikiMoka is finally here. Enough about the game changers, how about a life changer? Forget about fixing this or that. Why not reboot the whole thing? Dream a better world and make it a reality regardless of where you are or what you have in mind.

What's a Miki?

MikiMoka takes you from where you are to your dream world in three simple steps. Depending on what you want a single step may be good enough for you.

Step 1 = "Seeing"

This is what the first step is all about. You should be able to distinguish people you should meet from the crowd immediately. Depending on your natural abilities, the vicinity and the nature of the crowd this search may be easy or very difficult. When what you seek has a distinct appearance, it's a piece of cake, but how can you solve a problem like this today when one's character, abilities and state of mind do not necessarily fit to each other or have any clues on the outside. Add this the fast paced life styles of today which decrease your ability to focus on the critical information, you'll see that it's a losing game... without a support system.

MikiMoka is this support system and it acts pretty much like antibiotics or nanites. It increases your ability to scan your environment efficiently, evaluate the people there critically, make a decision quickly and reduce the time between the "need" and the "fulfillment" dramatically.

While MikiMoka gives you panther-like reflexes, what good an action if you are bound to fail most of the time? Don't worry, MikiMoka takes care of this as well. When you are using MikiMoka you'll be in a universe where the word "No" pretty much doesn't exist. Because the population in this universe is created just for you. People will be waiting for you. They'd love to hear what you have in mind this time. You'll find everything you want and none of the things you don't want in the Mikiverse. An alternate, better reality...

Step 2 = "Control"

They say a good salesman can always sell you something you don't need and take the money you don't have, but we are here to change that!  We are bombarded with never-ending advertisements and innocent looking notifications disguising themselves as once in a lifetime bargains. Sometimes the shoes we checked on a website start stalking us as we desperately try to browse away from the 'crime scene.' Even the news channels have become advertisements promoting one thing over others. And, don't get us started on the cell phone Lois Lane uses!

When using MikiMoka you'll be shielded from all that just like an antivirus application shields you from all creepy crawlies. Since MikiMoka knows about your personality, your current mood and what you are trying to accomplish right now, it can direct you to the products and services you need at the moment with a very high rate of accuracy. In a way, you'll have your own private shopping mall and take it with you wherever you go.

Step 3 = "Being There"

Finally, MikiMoka will let you exchange your personality with all of its nuances such as what you want from life, what you give back to your community, your favorite products and services. So, when someone 'snatches your body', with your explicit permission of course, he'll gain all of your knowledge instantly. He'll know where to eat Goulash, whom to play golf with and whom to conduct business with to achieve results in record time.

If the Internet is the ultimate collection of information (and misinformation), MikiMoka is the best way to make use of it to achieve practical goals effortlessly regardless of what you have in mind or where you are. From now on, you'll be able to manage all of your relationships in a single place and they won't pollute each other's place. You'll be able to spot and 'collect' the best products and services that comply with your lifestyle... but wait, you won't actually spot or collect them. MikiMoka will do that for you while you do other things, things that matter the most... further your career, find your soul mate, get better at your favorite hobby and give back to the community you care about. Just live a good life. MikiMoka will take care of the rest.

Are ready to change your life? Are you ready to beat the machine?

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