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We believe startups must solve real problems for real people in their own communities, not blindly chase after where the money seems to be these days. When young talent, experienced professionals, senior citizens, small businesses, municipalities and educational institutions are brought together in a simple, self-checking system, they will not only find their great ideas, but also take care of the communities that took care of them all their lives.

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We believe "information isn't knowledge" and "knowledge isn't wisdom". "Without deviation from the norm, there is no progress" (Frank Zappa). So, we approach firms as we would approach communities. The only difference is, we play with their DNA while we observe the changes in people's lives. We focus on the career development of the professionals, satisfaction levels of the customers and the maturity level of the entrepreneur's vision. A good firm must ace on all accounts, not just one or even less than one, you know, the bank account. 

Interested firms, please let us know.

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